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About Us

Sharon is a goat herder and soapmaker creating high-quality handmade soap and bath products for the past 23 years. Her passion for soap making began when she stumbled upon an article in a Sunday paper about a woman who made handmade olive oil soap in Alaska. The simplicity and natural beauty of the soap bars in the article immediately caught her attention, and she was inspired to make a healthier alternative to commercially produced soap.

Sharon's soap-making journey began with making simple goat milk and vegan soap in small batches. Over the years, she has expanded her product line to include a wide range of bath and body products. She uses the highest quality ingredients, including vegetable oils, butter, herbs, and essential oils that benefit the skin.

As a home-based business owner, Sharon takes pride in doing all of her packagings herself. From designing graphics layouts to hand-cutting labels and wrapping each soap bar, she puts care and attention into every aspect of her business. Sharon's passion for her craft shines through in every product she creates, and she hopes that her customers enjoy using her creations as much as she enjoys making them.